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Yoga HIIT is a fusion of Yoga Flows with High Intensity Training. This class is a great effective way to get your cardio fix with safe HIIT training in no time!

Yoga HIIT uses Tabata timing which has been proven to give you the best cardio workout in a short space of time. Tabata timing uses 20 seconds of intense activity and 10 seconds to recover for 8 sets. 

Join me on the mat and let’s HIIT it!


Yoga and HIIT together for a fierce cardio workout

Yoga + Intensity training for a holistic fitness transformation

Every pose is suitable or modified for strong beginners and up. This class is done in Tabata Timing, 20 seconds activity / 10 seconds rest for 4 or 8 rounds, this is shown to be one of the most effective timings, so we use it!

Cardio is not only about keeping your weight down, it is so important for your heart health and it is also a great way to lift your mood, increase metabolism and boost your energy. Let’s put on some rockin tunes and get sweaty!

I enjoy Heather’s classes on Zoom, she changes all her workouts frequently so my body is challenged and with the adjustments given I can either push myself or give myself a break if I’m feeling a bit tired. Her clear style makes it easy to follow her instructions without checking back at the screen and altering my alignment. The soundtracks are an added bonus and do not stop me from hearing her voice.

Fiona Rivaz

Just like the Foo Fighters and The Chemical Brothers, both of whom regularly feature in her playlists, Heather’s classes ROCK. As does she. One moment you’re at Glastonbury, the next you’ve been transported to a US army boot camp with a Major General from Brooklyn. “One, two. One, two.” She galvanises her class, pushes the button and demands the best of you. Totally recommended. Much fun. Occasionally intense. Always energising, Best spin instructor, ever.

Jon Davies

Heather’s classes are fantastic, well paced, varied, challenging and fun! Her can-do but careful approach and natural cheerfulness are a great combination and an hour flies by leaving you in a better place and in better shape at the end.

Karen Brind

Heather’s teaching is clear, consistent and concise, I feel like I am learning about movement and exercise, rather than just being told to do it. This has made online classes so much easier than I expected. Heather delivers her classes with the perfect balance of motivation and support, she pays real attention to offering low impact alternatives and always makes me feel comfortable working at a pace thats right for me.

Sarah Clark


Mikky Rebel Fit is designed specifically to give you a varied workout throughout the week.

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Body Sculpt 08.30am - 09.15
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HIIT express 09.30am - 10.00am
Legs, Bums, Tums 8.45am - 9.30am
Rebel Yoga 9:00am - 10:00am

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