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Heather definitely puts the ‘rebel’ into yoga and all the other classes she teaches.  The classes are full on, but with a great soundtrack every time, it almost distracts you from how hard she works you.

Charlotte Daly

Just like the Foo Fighters and The Chemical Brothers, both of whom regularly feature in her playlists, Heather’s classes ROCK. As does she. One moment you’re at Glastonbury, the next you’ve been transported to a US army boot camp with a Major General from Brooklyn. “One, two. One, two.” She galvanises her class, pushes the button and demands the best of you. Totally recommended. Much fun. Occasionally intense. Always energising, Best spin instructor, ever.

Jon Davies

Heather was always my favourite gym instructor before lock down, and her online classes are just as good, just as challenging. Yoga with weights really opens up my shoulders along with making me sweat. Stretch and Tone is brilliant for my core and I loved the Fleetwood Mac yoga flow. Incorporating her excellent music taste into classes is a genius stroke. Thank you Heather.

S Wong

Heather’s classes are fabulous, they are always fun, the music is great and I always feel that, despite having a bad back, I am safe in her hands. Over the last couple of years of attending Heather’s classes my strength and flexibility have definitely improved. Heather is both motivating and inspirational, I couldn’t have survived lockdown without her.

Alison Bradbury

During the lockdown Heather’s classes have been brilliant for my physical and mental well being. Her music selection really compliments her different styles of workouts. Since starting her classes I have become fitter and stronger and feel amazing!

Malinie Q